Bluecrest Health Screening Reviews

I am not sure if I am a hypochondriac or whether my concern with my health and wellbeing is a good thing or whether I am becoming obsessed! I have seen a real change in the culture in the UK over the past 10 years with a real focus towards health and wellbeing.  I notice more and more gyms have opened up and the pubs are closing left right and centre. The kids of today are more likely to be pumping iron on a Friday night than necking pints it seems.

Bluecrest Health Screening Reviews

More recently I have been considering a full body MOT and saw Bluecrest health screening reviews were available in the UK. This company will take blood samples and run diagnostic test on them and then give you a full report. The cover tests for Heart Disease & Stroke, diabetes, various cancer checks, functions of your vital organs and some other bit and bobs as well.

I am also going to look at taking the following steps to try and steer my life onto a healthier path:

Exercise more – I think I’m going to try and exercise a minimum of 3 times a week for at least half an hour on each session. I will also try to walk a bit more and leave the car at home.

Increase fruit and veg intake - I am going to eat more fruit and veg and also a greater variety of fruit and veg, this should help give me a greater variety of vitamins.

Drink more water – a simple one I think, just cut out so many sugary drinks as well as try and get my coffee addiction to fall in line with my health aims.

Cut down on processed foods – I am going to try and eat more raw foods and cook nice healthy dinners for myself rather than reach for the microwave meal. I must make the effort to get more time in the kitchen as well as time to pop down the greengrocers and butchers to source the freshest ingredients.

Reduce the amount of alcohol I drink – to say I am going to stop drinking is just not going to happen and I will set myself up to fail but if I set a realistic target with any of the above items I am less likely to fail and throw the towel in on the whole idea.

Lastly I am tempted to join a yoga class or meditation class. I think taking time to relax and have some time out away from my mobile phone, TV screens and just unwind and relax.

Time to review my my health, time to review my diet.